Saturday, 19 January 2013

Decisions Decisions!

Hello there! So a while back I came across this clothing site; from reading a blog post of Retro Flame's. Yesterday I decided to have a peek on it for any cool, urban sweaters. Even though this was a HUGE trend in the Autumn/Winter shows I think it's going to carry on through the summer and into A/W '13. As I was flicking through, I came across an extremely close copy of Kenzo's super popular green statement jumper. Although it's a fraction of the price, I'm a poor student who really shouldn't buy it for the price it is anyway, but I am SO tempted! What do ya think I should do? Check it out here! (Can't seem to copy the photos off the site!)

Meanwhile, here's some cool styling with the real deal in green and other colours!

So there it is! Hope you like my lil post, lemme know whatcha think! 


  1. I like green and especially with sequins. Last month I got a green sequin dress - kind of Balmain 09 inspired.

    1. As do I, green and sequins took over this xmas. Gonna check out your blog now, Thanks for the comment! :)

  2. Hi, thanks for following my blog :) Love the statement jumper trend, and this is one of my faves x

  3. awwww cute, hope green sequin skirts become standard day-wear everywhere, so pretty! loveee your blog, wanna follow each other? Have started following you (: xxxooxo