Thursday, 31 January 2013

Outfit Post: Neon and Leahter

Hurrah! Another outfit post!
Today I intended on going into town to get some D.I.Y supplies but I'm kinda cosy in the apartment so I didn't. Just after I decided I wasn't going to go, it started raining...karma is definitely on my side.
Having the intention of going in this morning I dolled myself up and all that jazz, so, not to let the outfit go to waste I thought I'd take a few selfies and make an outfit post out of it!
The apartment has terrible light so I couldn't rig the camera up anywhere to take decent photos SO I just took ones in the mirror with my cannon snapshot. Bebo stunnah much?
Apologies for the smudges on the mirror I only noticed it when I loaded the pics on the laptop! But other than that enjoy!

Leather coated leggings:, white shirt and gold collar tips: Pennys/Primark, neon jumper: Forever21, leopard print blazer: River Island, Boots: Office sale, rose earings: Accessorize, 

There you go! Apologies again for the crappy photography!
Followers and comments are always appreciated!

Lily :)

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