Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Outfit Post: Quick Snaps!

Tuesday night we went out celebrating one of the girls' birthdays. I was so tired after shooting with TV3 (check it here) that I procrastinated a little in getting ready. I wanted to take a few snaps of my outfit but because we were eager to get partying they were quite rushed so excuse the poor quality. But I PROMISE I will start doing proper outfit posts with better photos!

Top and belt: Pennys, Skirt: River Island Sale, Shoes and Necklace: New Look,  Bracelets: Topshop Sale

Ellie (ma lovely photographer) took the photo on the left mid movement but I kinda like it!? "L'OREAL beacuse you're worth it with pig tails?"

So there you go

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Lil :)

Xposé Shoot

So guys, here's my post on the Xposé shoot I assisted with over Monday and Tuesday.

What Irene and I had to do was to decide on four trends and pull two outfits from each trend. Then there would be a panel of 6 women varying in age and they would voice their opinions on each look, then pick their preferred one. We gathered all the clothes together on Monday and the shooting was on Tuesday. All clothes were taken from stores in the Pavilions Shopping Centre, Swords. The shooting also took place in the centre.

So Monday was great! Tiring, but great. Irene and I browsed around the stores to get an idea of what was there, then we went back and pulled our looks for our final four trends for the shoot. We ended up choosing:  Monochrome, Oriental, 60's and 90's Grunge.

Tuesday was the day of the shoot, we organised all the looks and accessories then put each look on the models to see how it looked. All looks turned out really well! TV3 arrived to take a few shots of the models then Glenda Gilson came to interview the panel of women.

So here are a few snaps I took on the day

In the changing room with all the glorious clothes!

Zara shoe heaven!

I NEED these boots from River Island. Jeffrey Campbell have a more expensive pair. Either will do..Absolutely in LOOOVE.

Some behind the scenes snaps

Glenda interviewing the judging panel

Irene talking Glenda through the trends and looks

And now for the looks!
Everything in these two outfits are from Zara apart from the gold torc on the right outfit which is from Mango

Everything once again is from Zara. Lynn (model on right) is wearing shoes from River Island which cannot be seen but are black and white studded flatform sandals

Jamie Lee (model on right) is wearing mostly Zara, Coat and glasses are from Mango. Lynn is wearing Zara dress and shoes, bag is from Mango, hair band from Claire's Accessories and earrings are Vero Moda

Both outfits are all River Island

 So there are the looks. It probably seems really easy to put them all together but it's actually quite tough. Choosing one outfit for a certain trend would be easier, but because we had to do two, we wanted to create two completely different looks but still keeping in sync with the trend. While keeping with the trend we had to style to cater for Xposé viewers and the judging panel which together can be between 18-50+

Me, Irene, Lynn, Jamie Lee and Glenda - Don't you just love posing beside beautiful, tall, slim models?

 So that's it! I'd like to thank Irene for taking me on as her assistant it was such a good experience and I'm itching to do it again. She was SO nice, helpful and down to earth. Although vintage is her thing she has such a good eye for styling on the high street. And watching her speak to Glenda about the trends; it just came out so fluidly - was really interesting to listen to. The rest of the crew were all so friendly and easy to chat to - it was a successful two days all in all.

So, which outfit was your favourite? Or did you like any? Comments and followers and much appreciated!
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I'm not exactly sure when the shoot will be aired on TV3 but I'll keep you all posted when I find out!

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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Assistant Stylist Job!

I'm BACK! Boom boom POW!!

I was pretty sick for a while there so I fell off the blogosphere and it took me another while to climb back onto the ledge. But I'm back now and I have SUPER DUPER exciting news!

So, in class the other day my tutor announced that a friend of hers needed an assistant for a shoot she has on Monday and Tuesday. Her friend, Irene, AKA Vintage Irene is a vintage whiz, stylist, blogger, presenter and writer. She styles for fashion shows and media shoots and also now advises retail clients, some of whom she represented on TV3's Xposé! She also contributes to the pop culture blog, and weekly magazine Le Cool Dublin.

So the job on Monday and Tuesday is to be an assistant stylist for a shoot for Xposé!!

To make it fair on who from our class was to get the job, the class we were to pick four trends and write a sentence on each trend and then Irene would chose her favourite. And she chose mine!

DELIGHTED! I'm soooo excited for it and I will definitely have a blog post up about my experience from it all.

Check Irene's blog here and her facebook page here
ALSO check out Xposé on TV3 here

So stay tuned for my post afterwards!


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sandal Strap

No.1 Forever21, no.2 Zara, no.3 Topshop, No.4,5 ASOS, no.6 River Island

I've always loved shoes. But not ALL shoes. There's always a few styles that you just never like and wonder why the hell do people wear them? Well, I felt this way about these strappy heels until not so song ago. Don't get me wrong they always looked so chic on celebrities with their LBD's back in the 90's, á la Jennifer Anitson for example, but to wear them myself? I cringed at the thought. I figured the only reason anyone should ever buy these shoes would be to go with their Debs dress - hidden under a sea of taffeta. Back then I was your average 4-5 inch court kinda gal but NOW...I've broadened my horizons and I'll wear just about anything that's affordable and fits. And that's how I've come to write this ickle post on my new obsession. A new love sprung from (not my only) hate. Like my take on good old Willy Shakes?

After seeing this style of shoe reoccurring  year after year, I have developed a somewhat desire now to own a pair. They are so feminine, chic and effortless.  For some reason I looove the way a strap looks around an ankle - it screams COOL. And that's what it is. Cool. So to be cool I need a pair. And a pair I will get..maybe two.

So up above there are my favourite picks from different shops around. There are a few styles, colours and prints like these also in Pennys/Primark but I couldn't find any photos to put up here. *sad face* I can't decide which is my favourite though - go for a pop of colour in River Island or play it safe with black in Zara. Hmmmm...what do YOU think??

Lil :)

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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Mini ASOS Haul

A while back ASOS were offering students 25% off everything and, well, me being a shopaholic and a bargainista I just HAD to go have a browse. I ended up buying four things; a pair of shoes, top, skirt and an eye shaddow brush. They were all pretty reasonably priced in the first place so with the extra 25% off it made me feel less guilty.. HAAAHA... Yeah right, as if I ever feel guilty buying clothes? It's more of a sense of pride when I bag a bargain. I'm sure you all can relate!

Anyhow here's a few snaps

It's great when you get letters in the post but when you get a package...Ooooh yes.

So this photo ain't great (it's hard to photograph black clothing) but basically, it's a black (obvo) off the shoulder top. I've been seeing these EVERYWHERE and I love love love them. They're so feminine and sort of seductive in a classy way? I saw a few similar to this with different sleeve lengths, some cropped or bodies but they were all around €30, which for me is kinda pricey. So when I saw this for €21 plus the discount it came to €16! Woo friggin Hoo! Add to basket please and thank you!

Next is this Models Own eye shadow blending brush. Usually the brushes from this brand vary from €7 - €15 I think? But I ended up getting this for around €3! 

Now I only found out recently that ASOS now stock New Look clothing and shoes. I had been looking at these heels in the store in Galway and decided not to get them (I rarely buy shoes over €35). But the next day I found them on ASOS and BAM 25% off those too. They came to around €28!

 Ah, last but definitely not least; the Baroque inspired pencil skirt. Yes, I'm obsessed with Baroque. I absolutely loooove this skirt but probably 70% of my decision to buy it was because of my sister, Polly. She had bought it a while ago and wore it on a night out and looked really cool so after seeing it I wanted it. I assumed it had gone off the site but I stumbled on to it while browsing and didn't think twice about getting it. It came to €18!

All my pretties happily together :)

Hope you likey like!  And as always comments and followers are always appreciated! :)
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Happy weekend!
Lil :)