Saturday, 2 February 2013

Mini ASOS Haul

A while back ASOS were offering students 25% off everything and, well, me being a shopaholic and a bargainista I just HAD to go have a browse. I ended up buying four things; a pair of shoes, top, skirt and an eye shaddow brush. They were all pretty reasonably priced in the first place so with the extra 25% off it made me feel less guilty.. HAAAHA... Yeah right, as if I ever feel guilty buying clothes? It's more of a sense of pride when I bag a bargain. I'm sure you all can relate!

Anyhow here's a few snaps

It's great when you get letters in the post but when you get a package...Ooooh yes.

So this photo ain't great (it's hard to photograph black clothing) but basically, it's a black (obvo) off the shoulder top. I've been seeing these EVERYWHERE and I love love love them. They're so feminine and sort of seductive in a classy way? I saw a few similar to this with different sleeve lengths, some cropped or bodies but they were all around €30, which for me is kinda pricey. So when I saw this for €21 plus the discount it came to €16! Woo friggin Hoo! Add to basket please and thank you!

Next is this Models Own eye shadow blending brush. Usually the brushes from this brand vary from €7 - €15 I think? But I ended up getting this for around €3! 

Now I only found out recently that ASOS now stock New Look clothing and shoes. I had been looking at these heels in the store in Galway and decided not to get them (I rarely buy shoes over €35). But the next day I found them on ASOS and BAM 25% off those too. They came to around €28!

 Ah, last but definitely not least; the Baroque inspired pencil skirt. Yes, I'm obsessed with Baroque. I absolutely loooove this skirt but probably 70% of my decision to buy it was because of my sister, Polly. She had bought it a while ago and wore it on a night out and looked really cool so after seeing it I wanted it. I assumed it had gone off the site but I stumbled on to it while browsing and didn't think twice about getting it. It came to €18!

All my pretties happily together :)

Hope you likey like!  And as always comments and followers are always appreciated! :)
Make sure if you haven't already, to "like" ASOS on Facebook or sign up to their website - they've always got great discounts and stuff on offer!

Happy weekend!
Lil :)