Thursday, 7 March 2013

March Wish List

Black jeans: Topshop, Ombre black perspex heel: Schuh, MAC violette lipstick, Zebra Coat: ZARA, Dusty pink dress: Miss Selfridge, Black boots: River Island

Over the past couple of days I've spotted a few pieces here there and everywhere that I NEED in my life. Unfortunately they're all pretty expensivo (yes I meant to spell it that way) so I'll have to save up and maybe pick one that I'll splash out on.

Tomorrow I have a styling project due for college so I'll be styling a few outfits and papping it myself. I'm pretty excited about it 'cause It's my own shoot and I decide everything..whoo! Fingers crossed it's a success, I'll have a post on it over the weekend!

Happy Thursday!



  1. That zebra coat is amaaaaazing!xx

  2. Ombre black perspex heel is yummy, get them in my size ;)