Saturday, 4 May 2013

Empower Studio - HD Brows

This post is a little bit different to what I usually write about but I may possibly start doing (sporadic) beauty posts!?
On Wednesday I trotted along to Empower Studio on 51 South William St. (above Project 51). I found these guys through twitter when I saw that they were giving away a special deal to get HD brows for €15 as opposed to the usual price of around €50! I've never had my eyebrows done before but after seeing some of their work on other people I was dead set on giving it a go!
There's a few steps to HD brows, I can't exactly remember ALL of them but there is dying, shaping, waxing and plucking to name a few. Fionnuala did my brows and she was brilliant! Totally friendly and chatty and was really knowledgeable about products and gave me loads of tips!

Unfortunately I didn't take a photo before I left for the studio but this is the closest one I could find that showed clearly how my brows looked before.

It takes a few sessions to get the complete look of a HD brow. Depending on the shape and thickness of your brows decides how many times you should go back to get them shaped, dyed etc. 

I was told I had a pretty good shape and thickness to my brows but I was missing a few small patches that could do with some growing. I was recommended the HD Brows Grow Baby Grow which pulls hair from the follicles where hair has stopped growing. It literally pulls hair up from the dead! And here's a fun tip; this Grow Baby Grow also works on your lashes! So if you're suffering from short or barely there lashes, use this  product over a period of a few weeks and your lashes will have grown!
Although the session only cost €15 I splurged a little and bought the Grow Baby Grow which cost €30 from Empower but I'm sure it's gonna be totally worth it! I can't wait to try it on my lashes! Whooo!

If you're one of those people like me who don't particularly want to pay loooooads of money for beauty treatments then I can't recommend Empower Studio enough! They are doing a few really good deals at the moment like Brows for €15 on Wednesday and Make Up for €20 on Saturdays! Just check out their twitter HERE to follow and redeem the offers!

Hope you enjoyed the post?
Lemme know your thoughts down below in the comment box...if you have any of course!

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    1. Awh thank you Ellie! That's so nice! Yea of course I will..popping over to it now! x

  2. I like your eyebrows on the last picture!
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  3. This post is a life-saver, I always find my eyebrows are patchy and my eyelashes always come out when I wear mascara!

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