Sunday, 30 June 2013

Outfit Post: Beachy Hues

For a while there, well no...not a while, about 36 hours, we were blessed with good weather. And what do all Irish people do when the sun burns? They burn at the beach. 
And where did Mum and I go on this particular sunny evening. Yep, you guessed it; the beach. 
To be fair though, the beaches at home aren't any old crap strip of sand cuddled up beside dirty toxic water. They're LOVELY. Really lovely. Soft sand and clean blue sea. 

When we decided we were gonna go, I thought it would be an appropriate time to take some snaps for an outfit post. As you do.
Not to sound too much like a hoity-toity hipster, but I wanted to imitate the colours of the beach *cue cringe* GAH! Can't believe I said that. But it's true. 

So check it ... 

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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Outfit Post: Going To Glasto?

Day off. Sun. Yesssss.
Seeing as Glastonbury is upon us, and I'm NOT going, I thought I'd construct a "Going to Glasto?" inspired outfit post.  Festival Fashion has created it's own genre in style. Although, each festival has it's own style inside that category and everyone knows Glastonbury oozes rock 'n' roll and punk, so that's what I decided to go for.

These are probably my favourite shots of an outfit post to date! Check 'em out and let me know what you think...

Cutout dress: Topshop // Check shirt: Polo, Ralph Lauren // Converse shoes // Sunnies: New Look // Both necklaces : Topshop // Headband: Primark/Pennys

What the heck?! Her shirt is Ralph Lauren!? Yes it is. But it's my uncles. I found it YEARS ago stashed away in a cupboard somewhere and fell head over heels, then I realised it was RL, even better! Over-sized check shirts are one of my weaknesses, I have about 4. If you're looking for one, my top tip is to look for them in the men's sections of shops. The best one I bought was in Pennys/Primark in the men's section where I snapped up an orange one for €3 and it's actually pretty good thickness and material. Saaweeet.

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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Outfit Post: Cropped Jewels

So today I had a day off and decided to do an outfit post. Now I'm getting quite sick of having the same background in the majority of my posts so I'm hoping to have some soon in a town or on some sort of STREET rather than the green grassy back-roads of Connemara. Now don't get me wrong, I laaave home but having the SAME colour palette behind me in a photo gets v.tiring (mentally, of course!).  
But anyway, today I improvised a little, and shot some quick pics by the wall of our front garden. I don't think I'll go with this backdrop again though. Meh, c'est la vie!

Here goes...

Cropped jumper : TOPSHOP (sale) // Jeans/Jeggings: Pennys/Primark // Boots: TOPSHOP (sale) // Statement Necklace: Cotton Face Vintage
Basically I wanted to do this post because of ALL my new purchases!! I've been recording video hauls but my computer is being an absolute DWEEB and seems to be turning off every time I try to render a video - ugh! 
Anyway, the main piece in this post is this statement necklace I bought off >>Cotton Face Vintage<< for...drum roll please..a tenner! Yea, the face you're pulling right now is the exact one I pulled when I spotted it. In LOVE. I can't think of anything better than teaming a statement necklace (even better when it's bejeweled) with a sweat jumper. What's even better is CFV is IRISH, and buying Irish makes me even happier. 

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Outfit Post: Roaring Checks

Snapback, watch (sale), heels: River Island, Trousers: Primark/Pennys, T-shirt: Dunnes Stores, Chain: Topshop
I was really excited to do this outfit post. The majority of this ensemble are recent purchases. The trousers were €15 in Pennys/Primark and I couldn't resist! The top is from Irish brand Dunnes Stores and was around €8 if memory serves. These shoes are my absolute coveted purchase! They're from River Island and I had wanted them for AGES! Then the one day I go in with intentions to buy them, they were gone. Sold out. Devastated. But sometimes Karma ain't a bitch and I walked in the following week and there they were, restocked! BOOM! 

As I say in a lot of my posts I luuurve mixing the sport luxe trend and sophisticated chic. Teaming a pair of pointed courts with an over-sized baseball tee is perfection! 

Shooting this post had started inside but my battery died after a while so we had to finish off the trimmings outside when we got home! Boo! I really liked the house we shot the pics in, the plain white background was perfect to show off my new bright yellow tee. 

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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

How to wear it: Neon

I've decided to start a new series of posts on my take on how to wear current and mini trends. Showing you some inspirational photos, advice and tips on how to work a trend into your style. Now I know the cool thing to say is "I don't follow the trends" but I do and I love 'em! So to kick-start this hopefully successful train of posts I'm going for NEON.

Now neon is quite a difficult shade of colour to grasp, you can either end up looking like a guest from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding or a ridiculous looking barbie like Nicki Minaj (note: I do love her but my god she wears SO many colours!). 
I used to associate neon with 13 year olds bopping to Cascada at the disco in the local hall but recently I've become a big fan of these overly bright colours. When it comes to nailing this trend I've learned a few tips along the way.

1. I know fashion has no limits but I reckon the MAXIMUM amount of neon pieces to wear in an outfit is 3. Any more and you're over doing it.
2. If you want to make your lime jumper or fuchsia skirt POP, wear them against a neutral or muted palette like black, white, beige or baby/pastel colours. 

4. Nervous of wearing a piece of clothing? Opt for an accessory; bags, hats, shoes, scarves and even nail polish can make an impact!

5. Choose accessories carefully, the wrong accessory can destroy an outfit or give off an impression which you weren't intending.

6. Want to spice things up? If you're chancing on wearing different neon colours together and not sure which ones go, have a look at a colour wheel; colours oposite one another compliment each other so it basically does all the hard work of matching up for you!

7. And finally, because this is quite a bold and daring trend, be CONFIDENT and COMFORTABLE! There's nothing worse than seeing someone uncomfortable in an outfit that they're not confident about or in.

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Xposé ft L'Oréal - Behind the scenes

A few weeks ago I assisted the ever-so lovely Irene O'Brien AKA Vintage Irene on a shoot for Xposé Magazine with L'Oréal in The Morgan Hotel, Temple Bar. The shoot was an advertorial on L'Oréal home hair dye products. There were four models; each of different shapes, age and sizes and with all different hair types and colours. Each model used a different product of L'Oréal and were photographed through each step of themselves dying their own hair. 

Irene and I styled the models for their after shots and group shots for the advertorial. 
I shot a few behind the scenes pics for you guys so scroll down and have a look! 

This advertorial is such a good idea for products such as home hair dyes, it gives readers more of an insight into how to apply the dyes and to see regular people doing it themselves is even better! It actually inspired me to go and buy a lilac shade to do the ends of my hair - I haven't mustered up the balls to do it yet! It was a long day but really fun! It was my first styling shoot for a magazine and it was really interesting watching the photographer and other stylists do what they do best.

It's out in this months Xposé Magazine so pop out to the shops and grab a copy! It's definitely worth the read!
Here are pics of the pages in the mag

'til my next post,