Monday, 3 June 2013

Fairy Tale 21st


Gah I'm back! I haven't blogged in ages..weh. It was my 21st Birthday on Friday and I decided to throw a lil party for it. I had the idea of secret garden party mixed with fairy tale. I'm lucky enough now to be an Iphone w-word and took looooads of photos but they seem to be coming up really blurry when I post them on blogger!? Like the above one here with my hair (it's the best quality one I could get) Any fellow bloggers out there find this with posting your Iphone pics to blogger? Or if you have a solution please let me know! 

So these are photos I found on my mums camera that luckily give you a clear idea of my outfit! It was pretty random. I had bought this dress off ASOS about a year ago and never wore it. And wasn't planning on wearing it either. I didn't buy anything to wear for my party (quite unlike me) so I was desperately stuck. This dress originally had some tulle underneath it, now I like tulle but it didn't suit me nor the dress so I cut it off and loved it! Keeping to the garden fairy theme I pulled out my flower crowns and went bare footed! 

Wanna see more photos from the night? Check out my Instagram @lilsersj
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  1. Wow you're so so gorgeous :) Love the headband :) Hope you had a great 21st :) happy belated birthday!!

    Ruth x

    1. Awh thank you Ruth! That's so sweet!