Monday, 26 August 2013

Hannah's Love and Vintage

Electric Picnic is coming up this weekend and my friend Hannah is getting crafty and selling some of her merchandise in her own little stall. She asked me would I like to do a post showcasing some of her pieces and of course I said yes! 
Her stall will be called Love and Vintage and she makes all of her head pieces herself! Back in Clifden in Connemara her mum owns a vintage shop called Love Vintage (check it out >>HERE<<) and Hannah will also be selling bits and pieces from there. 

So, the pieces I was given to do a blog post on were all different to each other and I thought that I would do different looks to suit each piece and, of course, to suit any future customers. 
So check out my different looks and let me know what you think!

The Hippie

 The Sweetheart 

 The Romantic 

The Goth

The Eccentric

 If you're heading to Electric Picnic be sure to give Love and Vintage a visit and say hi to Hannah and let her know that you heard about her through Latest Lil (she and I would love that !) She's extremely friendly and you're guaranteed an auld LOL chatting with her! 

Sadly I'm not going to EP, but I'm doing something EVEN better! Going to Aberdeen to visit my niece who my sister gave birth to only 2 weeks ago. It's her first baby and we're all very excited to see her! Maybe I'll do a photo diary of my trip there? Anyhow, happy camping and shopping!

Oh and which look is your fav? And would you like me to do a post on what make-up I used to achieve each look? 



Thursday, 22 August 2013

New Blue

Sunnies: eBay // Top & skirt: Pennys/Primark // Heels: ZARA // clutch:  Blue Q @ ASOS // jewelry: mix and match from Forever21, Topshop and River Island. 

A lot of this outfit is new; the shoes, top, clutch and specs. It's a pretty cheap ensemble too - it all comes under €50! These shoes are from ZARA (read about them in my previous post >>HERE<<), both top and skirt are from Pennys/Primark, my clutch is from ASOS from a brand called Blue Q who produce their products from post consumer material (luv u motha naytcha!) and my lovely John Lennon-esque spectacles are a bargain buy off a lovely Asian fellow from eBay. 
 I came across this denim crop top in Pennys/Primark when I was shopping in Galway city the other day. It's nice to see denim being used as something else rather than a shirt, skirt, jacket or jeans. I suppose that only really leaves a top left to do anyway.  My skirt is a buy from back in April, I love the colour, material, shape and it flatters my figure so I was sold. Or rather, it was, to me. mwahaha. So funny.
I think what really makes this outfit is this tropical hummingbird clutch. I reckon it makes this a bit more interesting to look at. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be a make up bag of some sort though. Ever since Mary Katrantzou came on the scene I've been wanting original printed bags and clutches, but not so willing to pay the price. Then I spotted this lil gem on ASOS and for the price it was I snapped it up! 


Earlier in the week I discovered that I had been featured in LOOK Magazine; one of the UK's top weekly fashion magazines. LOOK have a website where you can upload your outfits, hairstyles and nail art, then every week they feature fellow fashionistas rocking a certain trend. And with a shock I found myself being featured in this weeks issue in the feature tartan vs checks. 

So? Any thoughts? 



Tuesday, 20 August 2013

New ZARA heels

New shoes! Who doesn't love 'em. I've wanted white heels for a while but I was a bit resistant to buying a pair because there's a part of me that thinks they'll be short lived. BUT when I was going trough a slight case of impulse internet shopping I found these babies on ZARA's website for only €20! BOOM! Cheap as chips! (My new favourite saying these days). So I thought ah flip it I'll get them! They arrived a few days ago and my feet look like angel feet with them on. White makes me look tanned and I like looking tanned. Yay! Tanned feet. 
They're also the style of shoe I've fallen head over heels for (pun intended). The strappy sandal. I wrote a post on my growing affection for them HERE when I was just starting out blogging.

So, what dya think of my new beauties?



Monday, 19 August 2013

King Kong

Ah Missguided. I've never bought anything off them before but they were offering FREE delivery to Ireland while having a MA-HOO-SIVE sale so I couldn't resist. This gorilla tee is one of my sale purchases and I LAV it.  I was hanging around Galway city after the OOHLALA Magazine Blog Awards (read my post on that >>>HERE<<<) and thought I'd take a few snaps for an outfit post outside my sisters house. 
My necklace is from Cotton Face Vintage; a vintage (obvs) boutique in Galway (she also has a Facebook where you can buy her stoooof  HERE). Ma jeans and boots are Topshop and my rings are a mix match of different shops.

So that's it, yeah, not much else to say about this one. Enjoy!



Friday, 16 August 2013

OOHLALA Launch & Blogger Awards

 For all my oversea readers OHHLALA is a new Irish fashion magazine. Recently they had a competition held between all fashion and beauty bloggers across Ireland. Sadly I didn't get shortlisted (maybe next year *fingers crossed*) and along with other bloggers that didn't make the cut we were invited to the awards which also coincided with the launch of the magazine. 

I didn't bring a camera along with me because unfortunately my mother took my case for my DSLR and well I didn't trust myself bringing it without one. So I relied on my Iphone5 which usually has really good quality although for some HORRIBLE reason it decided to act up on me. The flash went funny and most of my photos came out blurry. Wehh *sad face*.

Up to an hour and a half to the launch I didn't have an outfit. Sure I had the makings of one but I wasn't happy with it. I found this pleather skirt in Topshop while desperately looking for something and decided just to get it and prayed it would look good with something I brought up with me. And it did! Well I think so anyway. I bought this silver top in a charity shop a few months ago for €1! Sweeeeet! My shoes are from New Look, they're quite a recent purchase and my feather clutch is from good ol' Pennys/Primark.

When I arrived at the destination (late - typical me) I felt a little over-dressed. There were some people there in converse and shorts and I just thought OH MY GOD I'm like Bridget Jones at the vicars and tarts party. But then I walked further in and saw more people dressed in "blogger" attire (if I can say that!?). PHEW!

The evening was really fun, I didn't get to meet half the people I wanted to meet because it was so crowded and busy and my poor eyesight doesn't help either. But I chatted to some lovely bloggers, watched the Pennys/Primark A/W '13 preview show, sipped a few G&T's and then trotted back to the hotel with Polly (my sister and plus one) and CONKED.



Monday, 12 August 2013


When I fist saw bloggers doing Instagram posts I thought it was a really good idea but I never got around to doing one until now. I'm gonna try and do one every month but seeing as this is my first one; it's just going to be a mish mash of pictures from my account so far. 

I do this a lot on my account. It's become quite the fad these days along with the selfie. 

Yea I got sucked into the selfie tag. I reckon these photos are acceptable on Instagram, just not on Facebook. But then again, too many selfies at all can be sickening too. Top left photo is when I was shooting an outfit post during the hawt weather (read the post HERE), top right is a trip into Galway city to hang with some friends. Bottom left; I was going to a club opening in G-citaaay. And finally bottom right is a selfie before an outfit post.

#pretty #avoca #vintage 
I love taking photos in pretty shops and editing the pics with a vintage filter. Starting from Top left clockwise: A shop in Clifden (my local town) called Lughnasa, my most recent D.I.Y check it out HERE, a film camera that my sister gave to me - I still have to look up instructions...finally a pretty sign for the Garden section in the Avoca shop in Moyard


This last collage is a mix and match. I've recently been featured in Xposé Magazine's August issue, you can read the post HERE. A goodie bag from when I went up to Dub to attend River Island's A/W '13 preview, again you can read my post on it HERE. A necklace I bought off eBay for an absolute steal at €4 (free shipping) - funny thing is I've noticed it on sale on Boohoo AND ASOS now for three times the price. Last but not lease my most recent  outfit post which you can check out HERE or you could just scroll down the page and see it there. 

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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Yours Truly in Xposé Magazine

As most of my Irish followers will know Xposé magazine feature bloggers every month in their "How We Wear It" feature. I was contacted and asked would I like to take part for the August issue. And well, DUH! yeah 'course I would. The title for this months features was "Transitioning from summer into autumn". My favourite way of doing this is warming up a pretty summer dress with jumpers and boots and that's pretty much what I natter on about in my little piece. 

Here are the snaps from the magazine

AND here are the originals

Lemme know what you think, drop a comment below or gimme a sneaky follow on Bloglovin or GFC.
Pretty happy to finally have a feature in a national magazine! Fingers crossed there'll be more to come!


Monday, 5 August 2013

Outfit Post: Thanks Ra-Ra

Shirt and hat: Grandmothers // Cami, jeans, boots and necklace : Topshop // Bag: Warehouse // Cuff: Oxfam

Thanks Ra-Ra for letting me borrow a few bits and pieces for my outfit. Ra-Ra is my grandmother. Her real name is Philippa. How she got the nickname? I'm not gonna go there - the story is too long. I borrowed this hat and shirt from her one evening during the really hot weather we had a few weeks back. The shirt is actually a pyjama top but it's not even recognizable as one.
My bag is the bag I bring everywhere with me. It's from Warehouse but was given to me from my good friend I didn't pay a cent. YAY! The leather studded cuff is from Oxfam, I bought it years ago when they sold fair trade jewellery. 
Everything else is from Topshop. I'm becoming quite embarrassed always mentioning Topshop in my outfit posts but all the pieces are part of a collection that has been growing for YEARS. And plus I rarely buy anything full price - all of these were on sale (50% off). 
All I'm wearing on my face is a little BB cream. The hot weather bought out the best in me in letting my skin breathe a little. I absolutely hate wearing make-up when it's hot. Bleugh. 

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