The Boring Stuff
I'm 20 21 now bitcheeeees
Fashion enthusiast living in Dublin, Ireland.
First year Journalism student studying in D.I.T.  
Originally a Galway gal, from the middle of nowhere trying to get somewhere.

Friends and family have asked "Hey lil, why don't you have a blog yet?" Exactly why didn't I? So really that's what got me here. I've followed tonnes of  successful Irish blogs for a long time and they inspired me to get one of my own started. So in January 2013 Latest Lil was born.

Latest Lil has been featured in many Irish and UK magazines and websites such as STELLAR, LOOK, U, lovetabii.com, Collegetimes.com, Xposé and ASOS Fashion Finder. After studying all areas of fashion for three years in Galway and Dublin I feel that I can call myself a freelance Stylist and also Journalist having contributed to lovetabii.com, Tabitha Magazine and Collegetimes.com. Latest Lil also made it to the shortlist in the Irish Blog Awards for Best Beauty/Fashion Blog 2013.

 I hope, someday, for this blog to be someone's "go-to" blog to check out what I'm up to or what I'm wearing and be inspirational to other aspiring bloggers out there. I'm also using it as a creative platform and portfolio to help me get to where I want to be in the future.

Enjoy reading!



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